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Tuba-Shahi Mosque

Among the architectural monuments of Azerbaijan, it is necessary to mention the Tuba-shahi mosque in the village of Mardakyany. The mosque was built in the XV century and got its name in honor of the woman who ordered its construction. This religious building is well preserved and is an example of the classical architecture of medieval Azerbaijan. Its facade is decorated with a carved cornice. The portal entrance of the mosque protrudes slightly forward.

It can be called quite modest, since it is devoid of any richness of decoration. The time of construction of the mosque is established by the mentioned rather well-preserved inscription. It contains not only the year of its completion — 886 AH (1481-1482), but also the name of the customer — a certain Tuba-Shahi. Another inscription is located at the entrance to a narrow spiral staircase leading to the roof. This inscription, obviously belonging to an older mosque of the village, indicates the time of its construction — muharram 774 AH — 1372 and the name of the customer — Sadr Haji Baha-ad-din, son of Khoja Nur-ad-din, son of Mahmud Abayil. The expressiveness of the interior of the Tuba Shahi mosque is achieved with the help of an ideal ratio of volumes harmoniously combined as a whole.