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Sinik-Kala Mosque

In translation, the name of the mosque Synyk-kala means "destroyed tower". It was built by the architect Muhammad ibn Abu Bekr. This is the earliest architectural monument, not only in Baku or Absheron, but also in the whole of Azerbaijan. The Arabic inscription on the stone slab at the entrance to the mosque dates back to 471 of the Muslim Hijri calendar (1078— 1079 AD). Architecturally, Synyk-kala is a two-tiered structure. The specifics of the construction is that the mihrab has the shape of a half-cylinder and protrudes beyond the outer line of the wall.

The interior lighting is blunted, as it is provided by a single stained glass window made of multicolored glass and the dim light of several lamps.  There are currently guided tours in the mosque. But according to Muslim laws, only men are allowed to enter the mosque. To get to the mosque, you need to pass through a very low arched arch, which is typical for all mosques in Icheri Sheher. This is done specifically so that every person entering the mosque bows his head before the Almighty.