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Kala Settlement

Kala — which means "fortress" is a historical settlement on which 243 historical and architectural monuments are located. There are numerous mosques, baths, hovdans, residential and utility rooms. On the hill there was a citadel of the XIV century, which was the historical center of the village. Only the remains of the fortress walls and the adjacent medieval Juma Mosque have survived from the Citadel Tower. On the outskirts, in one of the rural houses there is an ethnographic museum. In the foreground in the courtyard there is an active well. It contains a collection of stones with epigraphic inscriptions and drawings from all over Absheron.

There were several baths on the territory of the village. One of them — an underground bathhouse near the lake was excavated relatively recently. It was believed that the salt water of the lake has healing properties. There are several wells and ovdans in the village, which served to collect underground water. The most ancient ovdan has been preserved on the territory of the cemetery. It was built during the time of Shah Abbas II and dates back to 1665.
Considering that kala is of particular interest from a historical, architectural and artistic point of view, in 1988 the territory of the village with an area of more than 200 hectares was declared a State Historical and Ethnographic Reserve.