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Absheron Towers

The towers are located throughout the Absheron peninsula and represent defensive installations. They were basically designed to protect against invasions of nomadic tribes and foreign invaders, which were especially often making attempts to invade the Absheron in the XII century. This area was often subjected to attacks of Russian bandits from the sea. And, thanks to these powerful defenses, in 1175 Shirvanshah Ahistan I managed to protect the Absheron from the Russian attack on 73 ships. Start of the building of the towers dates from the XI-XIII centuries. Some of them did not keep safe, but those towers that remained to our days are giving us the opportunity to understand that the builders of these towers and castles during the choosing of site for their constructions paid considerable attention to the topography. On the one hand, they sought to build towers and castles at the highest point from which the surrounding area is visible for long distances, on the other hand, they located them in the places, where the natural conditions would hamper the enemy access to them and would facilitate defense. All towers of Absheron included in a unified system of defense. With the approach of the enemy, on the tops of the towers oil were lighted to warn this way the public about the danger.